Nosy is a typeface facetype that uses standard Opentype ligatures to create thousands of potential faces. Add a beard, freckles, eyebrows or any one of dozens of component to make a face. To use, simply:

  1. Make sure ligatures* are on.
  2. Type in components.
  3. Choose colours.
  4. Turn on all caps!

Don’t use spaces, and note that the first letter of each component will determine colour. Using lowercase makes typing simpler – ligatures will be triggered upon turning on all caps. For example, for the example above, type:


Then, just select the text you’ve typed and turn on all caps! Full instructions and glyph map included in the download below, though feel free to jump right and and start making faces!


Live demo by Denilson Sá.

* Nosy requires OpenType standard ligatures to be enabled. Most programs will enable them by default, though do check if things aren’t working.