Damned Eels

A video for Housewitches’ entry into Eurofishin’ on the barriers to tuna and their reproduction.

Photo of a spread and cover of a publication called "Ināia Tonu Nei"

Ināia Tonu Nei

Publication and layout design for “Ināia Tonu Nei – We lead, you follow”, a Māori-led hui focussing on justice reform.

Sweatermess – Mossnapping

Noises, lyrics, production, and artwork by me. 💜


It’s a font that makes faces! Come have a play.

RiverWatch illustrations

A set of illustrations of the waterways of Aotearoa and the taonga that inhabit them.


Mono-line map of Te Whanganui-a-Tara contours and forests, built from open-source data, and digitally printed to cherrywood veneer, 1.2 × 2.4m.

InDesign Rrrandomise Scripts

A few little scripts to subtly randomise text in InDesign. You can download them, too!

Queen Charlotte Signage

Signage designed and printed for the Queen Charlotte track, Marlborough Sounds to explain the Bottle Rock project undertaken by Zero Invasive Predators (ZIP), New Zealand.

Inkanimal badges

For Ink Digital. 38mm tin badges with a matte laminate, printed to Cocoon recycled paper.

ZIP Annual Report 2015/16

Photographic, illustrative, and cartographic work, including that one time I got to go and take a photo of Maggie Barry cutting a ribbon.

Dead Head

Audio track. Created with director/animator Robert Wallace.


A small display shelf for Method Recycling, Wellington. Designed to be printed and cut from one sheet of fully-recyclable 10mm kraft fluted card, and fully assembled/disassembled without adhesive. Designed for Ink.

RiverWatch Branding

A comprehensive design of identity, website, photography, and video for RiverWatch.nz – a campaign to raise money to test the cleanliness of Aotearoa’s rivers.

How to Print

A small publication on the basics of digital print, created in collaboration with a lecture series at Massey University. Designed for Ink.

ZIP Annual Report

Mapping, photography, and layout design. The nose you can see belongs to Tūī. Thank you Tūī for your help.

The Crowd – PledgeMe

Design and production of The Crowd magazine for PledgeMe. Additional illustrations by Jem Yoshioka.

Henri Didot

A superfine Didot, Henri Didot is best used at huge sizes. Super high contrast, reworked metrics and kerning, and OpenType oldstyle figures. Keep away from balloons and inquisitive children. Download for free, or donate to support more projects. Download! Henri Didot is based on the work of Alexey Kryukov, and released under the Open Font License.

Franz Baltiqua

No squishy bits. A typeface with all straight lines, and lots of little secrets.

Kitsune Udon

Curly and delicious. A loose, dynamic, hand-crafted script with enough OpenType flourishes to keep things interesting, and extensive language support. 1194 characters and counting. OpenType ligature support highly recommended! (Download includes instructions for how to turn this on.) Download Kitsune Udon now!


Audio production for Ringu – a looping installation piece created with Robert Wallace at Parallel Teeth.


A hand-inked recreation of a classic typeface. Best at big sizes (but don’t go crazy). Be sure to turn on discretionary ligatures to enjoy a set of entirely inappropriate ligatures. Entirely inappropriate ligatures inspired by Avant Garde. Be sure to turn on discretionary ligatures in Photoshop/InDesign. Download Futíða now!


Identity and postcard creation for the small fishing village of Vopnafjörður, East Iceland. Branding was to incorporate the existing logo of the town, and use photos taken in and around the area – mostly by locals. Copy played with the distance and obscurity of the location, whilst celebrating the unique aspects of the village.

Time Lapsed

Promotional material for the Time Lapsed art show held in Kobe, Japan in May 2013.