It’s a font that makes faces! Come have a play.

InDesign Rrrandomise Scripts

A few little scripts to subtly randomise text in InDesign. You can download them, too!

Henri Didot

A superfine Didot, Henri Didot is best used at huge sizes. Super high contrast, reworked metrics and kerning, and OpenType oldstyle figures. Keep away from balloons and inquisitive children. Download for free, or donate to support more projects. Download! Henri Didot is based on the work of Alexey Kryukov, and released under the Open Font License.

George IV

George IV, unofficial typeface of the 1820’s. Hundreds of glyphs, representing automatic alternation between different versions of every glyph, full Latin language support, and true OpenType small caps. Two versions of every glyph means means repetition is much harder to spot, and gives a convincing, hand-painted feel. George IV uses OpenType standard ligatures to provide randomisation, […]

Kitsune Udon

Curly and delicious. A loose, dynamic, hand-crafted script with enough OpenType flourishes to keep things interesting, and extensive language support. 1194 characters and counting. OpenType ligature support highly recommended! (Download includes instructions for how to turn this on.) Download Kitsune Udon now!


A hand-inked recreation of a classic typeface. Best at big sizes (but don’t go crazy). Be sure to turn on discretionary ligatures to enjoy a set of entirely inappropriate ligatures. Entirely inappropriate ligatures inspired by Avant Garde. Be sure to turn on discretionary ligatures in Photoshop/InDesign. Download Futíða now!

Les Rosbif

An ode to drawing words on each other’s arms with Sharpies in Wellington, New Zealand. Unapologetically imperfect, and stuffed with an improbable melange of ligatures. Available on

Trýna no. 5

A font based on some hand-daubed writing in a homemade Icelandic museum. Four of each glyph for four times more fun.